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    Siren Packs

    Installation Instructions Step 1 - Identify the siren your desired sound is, most of the time you can find this information on google Step 2 - Download the corresponding .zip or RESIDENT.rpf from the Download Links provided Step 3 - If purchased through Steam extract the RESIDENT.rpf...
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    Dead Chat

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    God this is dead lol

    No... its the forums
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    God this is dead lol

    Ded chat
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    Im better than spartan on wt

    I can beat Spartan on war thunder since he Doo doo
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    Something Controversial

    Usually anytime someone says something stupid or Weird in their Title it gets allot of views so yeah, get Stridsvagn'd
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    Something Controversial

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    Andrew is a nerd

    Andrew should like not Resign from FD-01, I get he is lonely and just wants a chick but he has SAFD Which is better
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    S.W.A.T complaint

    Thats uhh how swat works
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    Forums r ded

    Yes everyone uses discord
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    Forums r ded

    Forums are dead Someone made a poll and it has 22 Views and like 3 Responses i think le forums are dead
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    Forums r dead

    Luv u to andrew........
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    Forums r dead

    Ive said it before but they kindof dead like People rarely go on here since everything on here is pretty much done on discord other than Apps, Forums are kindof dead lol who else things so
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    Lol i can login into forums at school who else can, like school computers
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    Forums are dead

    Thats all there is to it they are dead
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    ad Forums
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About New World RP

  • New World RP is a premier gaming community focused on FiveM, a roleplay mod built on Grand Theft Auto 5. Our server focuses on active public safety departments, including the Los Santos Police Department, Blaine County Sheriff's Department, the San Andreas Highway Patrol, and San Andreas Fire Departments. Apply today to join one of our whitelisted departments to take part in an active gaming community with a respectful staff team and group of founders. Opportunities available to our whitelisted members include SWAT team, dispatch, and air traffic control certifications. Be sure to join our Discord for more information.

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